Our Services start when you contact us and often extend way beyond the day of the funeral.

During those first difficult hours when you first contact us, we need to ask you some preliminary questions i.e., did the deceased die at home, in a private nursing home or in hospital? Once we have our answers, we will then advise on the conveyance of the deceased to our private Chapel of Rest.

All further funeral arrangements can then be made at a later date either at our office in Tenterden or in the privacy of your own home.

The service was professional and l appreciated being treated as an individual where nothing was too much trouble.Happy Client

Happy Client

Our job is to take care of the practical arrangements for you. This means advising you of the options and choices for the funeral and seeing the arrangements are made in accordance with your wishes, and with the wishes of the person who has passed away.

There are some things for you to consider and we’ll be happy to discuss these with you in a calm and compassionate manner. Will it be a burial or cremation? If it’s a burial, do you have a grave and if so where is it and what is the grave number? If it’s a cremation, which crematorium would you like to use? Would you like a church service? If so, which Church would you choose, or would you prefer a service at the crematorium/cemetery chapel, or would the deceased prefer a non-religious service.