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Due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis, we have simplified our service and fees to assist you

PRICES FROM 1st January 2021

It is our intention at all times to give families a complete total cost of each type of Funeral available.  We promise to extend the same personal high standard of service to each family.

Although most families would only wish to know the total cost involved, the breakdown of a normal Funeral charge is separated into categories, which are set out below:


This charge represents a high proportion of our total Funeral charges.  It includes:  making all necessary arrangements for Cremation or Burial, provision of all necessary Staff, obtaining Statutory Forms, preparing and attending to all essential documentation, making and receiving all necessary telephone calls and arranging for the attendance of the Minister at the Funeral Service.  Providing peaceful and private surroundings within our Offices, provision of Chapel of Rest and hygienic Mortuary facilities, all fully complying with Health and Safety requirements.  Receiving Floral Tributes, paying all disbursement fees on behalf of Clients.  To providing a 24 hour immediate personal service for the assistance and support of our Clients during and after the Funeral.

Disbursement are fees we pay on your behalf

Estimated Costs of a Typical Funeral

Provision of a veneered mahogany coffin with raised lid, 6 Cobden plastic brass handles and engraved inscription plate.  Lined white, including side-sheets, ruffle, pillow and face cover, in a colour of your choice, for either cremation or burial.  Use of our hearse and bearers for the funeral and Chapel of Rest prior to the funeral.

Our fee    £1745.00
Coffin (as detailed above) or see separate price list £495.00
Hearse (up to 40 miles total) £275.00
Removal of deceased, in working hours up to 12 miles from £250.00

Likely Disbursements

Church fee £318.00   Ministers fee £199.00
Ministers fee £318.00   Crematorium fee(Charing) £975.00
Verger (average) £25.00   Doctors fee £164.00
Organist fee (average) £80.00   Organist £80.00
Grave digging:
    Ministers travelling £20.00
Churchyard, single depth £300.00      
Churchyard, double depth £300.00      

Cemetery (Ashford Borough Council) single depth –  £1155.94 (Resident only)

Single depth grave (plus purchase of right of burial in adjoining grave) – £1651.19 (Resident)

Not Included

Obituary notices, floral tributes, collation of donations, service sheets or hygienic treatment of deceased, if required.

Crematorium fees vary, quoted above, being Charing Crematorium fees.


Coffin Price List
Veneered Coffin
M1 5020 HB/B brassed metal handles £535.00
M3 Wooden handles £535.00
M5 With Cobden plastic handles £495.00
M6 No handles, plastic lined only £395.00


Solid wood coffins prices on application

Environmentally friendly (cardboard) coffins prices on application

Embalming of deceased

At our premises – £100.00

Direct to crematorium service starts from £1,895.00 plus doctors’ fees – if applicable.
Includes provision of Hearse

If you are telephoning around for quotes, you may wish to consider the following: –

We are a very experienced independent family funeral directors and we have our own substantial premises all at one location in Tenterden, including offices with arranging room, chapels of rest and mortuary refrigeration to take care of your loved one – Do the others have this – where will they keep your loved one and under what conditions?

How long have they been trading? We have been since 1930

We belong to the two main trade associations

1/              NAFD     (National Association of Funeral Directors)

2/              SAIF       (Society of Allied & Independent Funeral directors)

Who have strict codes of practice

–  Do they belong to either of these industry recognised associations?

Have you asked friends and family for recommendations, as this is how we get most of our business.


Provision of the Funeral Director’s services.

Attending to all the necessary arrangements.

Provision of necessary staff.

Provision of coffin suitable for the purpose of cremation. (limited choice)

Transfer of the deceased from the place of death during office hours only. (at least ten running miles allowed) Outside of this, additional fees will be required.

Care of the deceased prior to the funeral.

Provision of a hearse to the nearest crematorium, where this is locally available.

+ Disbursements of:
Cremation fee (Charing) £975.00
Minister fee £199.00
Minister travel £20.00
Doctors fee (if applicable) £82.00
Subtotal £1,276.00
TOTAL £3,671.00

** other crematoriums are available (different costs will apply)

Only Graveside Services allowed

Burial fees (Church fee) £318.00
Burial fees (Ministers fee) £199.00
Grave digging: £300.00


Cemetery (Ashford Borough Council) single depth £1190.00 (Resident only)

Single depth grave (plus purchase of right of burial in adjoining grave)  £1700.00 (Residents only)

**Please note all funerals are subject to strict rules/guidelines sent out by the Government and the crematoriums, churches and cemetery operators**